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Negotiation between PASUKGB and GBGAQRS - merging exercise

5 shares of PASUKGB to be transferred into 3 shares of GBGAQRS shares. 5 for 3 , meaning if u have 5000 unit of PASUK, it will be exchanged to become 3000 unit of GBGAQRS.
and this will translate your number of shares in PASUK to become
3/5 x 100% = 60%
quite less, however considering the IPO price of GBGAQRS = RM 1.18 , (and latest price was RM 1.16 ),you will be in profit.
and that's why from Bursa announcement, dated 5 September 2012, under the subject of "Changes in Director's Interests (S135)" , stated that: Teoh Kim Hooi sold on 3 September 2012 , 600,000 units at RM 0.714 and also sold 100,000 units at RM 0.705 , do check the announcement from Bursa Malaysia , here's the link for your convenience :
and who is Teoh Kim Hooi? He is the Independent Non-Executive Director of PASUKGB, the link : u can check fr Bursa Malaysia- Company Website , or u can use this link:
consider this: Teoh Kim Hooi sold 700,000 units around RM 0.70, and he was the only majority shareholder whom sold their shares. The others never sell even an unit. Not even the biggest shareholder ,Teng Ah Kiong with interest of 59.40%
Last week the price of PASUKGB tumbled to RM 0.16 at it lowest and closed unchanged at RM 0.17, and one would wonder why the majority shareholder are not panic, so relax?except that 700,000 unit sold by Teoh.K.H at around 70 cents.
now, why 70 cents , observe the calculation below:
60% .... 60/100 x RM 1.18 (IPO price for GBGAQRS)
= RM 0.708 ... well that the price Teoh Kim Hooi sold!!!
and only 700,000 units sold by Teoh.K.H? why not even a single unit by Teng Ah Kiong , the majority shareholder who possesses 59.40%? while the IPO price of PASUKGB was only RM 0.12 , and shot up to RM 0.26 on listing day? and has reached RM 0.82 , it's highest price? and they still maintain to bear to not make such an easy money? not even a cents?
a classified source revealed that they're asking higher than 60% from GBGAQRS....
and now the price have fallen the 60% deal will happen
consider this: 5000 unit of PASUKGB, if u buy it last week at RM 0.16 , valued at RM 800
When the deal materialised:
it will be transferred into 3000 unit of GBGAQRS , based on latest price of RM 1.16 , the value will be:
3000 x RM 1.16 = RM 3480
and RM 3480/ RM 800 x 100% = 435 %. an increase of value of the value , net profit of 335 %.
why so high ... this what u call merger, what u call aqusition. So PASUKGB is an M&E company, and had 27 years of experience, with over 500 M&E projects completed , and it is a new IPO also like GBGAQRS, and that's why GBGAQRS made press statement (The Star...last week biznez segment) about a merger with an M&E company
Be tight on your seat , whoever hold stock of PASUKGB
12 Feb 2013, 11:25 PM

Dear Losing ...
Will this merging is a true news or juzt a rumour? If its true then it should be quite safe to buy-in PASUKGB now. However, what is the time of merging is also a problem......

18 Feb 2013, 04:23 PM
If the merge is true why the share keep dropping? No sense at all right.rant
19 Feb 2013, 06:59 PM

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