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Those who are into this counter, please re-access the situation again if Liew is leaving the company. The moment he make announcement, it will make impact directly to the share price

in any industry, the moment a company advertise job listings at online jobs portal, that is the moment they are revealing the company internal affair to their competitors / rivals - normally the HR wouldn't opt for this option unless they have no other option left.

search for following: Jobstreet , type S P Setia Bhd to filter to match company jobs listing. Analyse the followings:-

1) number of vacancies listed in the past few months - what can be deduced ?

2) level of experience (years of experience) staff they are looking - what can be deduced? Liew started to head SPSetia around 2005 ? current year 2013 , 2013-2005 = 8 years. those years of experience level they are looking will let you know what type of staffs involved.

3) the posting locations - what can be deduced?

how much $$$ involve to retain those staying back ? how much more vacancies going to be advertised ?

We can roughly estimate the date of his departure by observing his personal characteristics & developments taking place around recently.

developments taking place:-

1) Junior Liew bought a piece of land from MMCCorp at Iskandar - Eco World Sdn Bhd as reported by The Edge
2) Eco World Sdn Bhd appointed Salcon Bhd as main contractor
3) Directors of Salcon Bhd = ex-SP Setia directors
4) Successfully launch of Battersea Phase 1
5) Ground breaking of Battersea / launching of Battersea Phase 2 recently
6) Liew made statement on The Star paper that he'll leave early....
7) Jobstreet vacancies listing

If you were in Liew's shoe, how & when will you choose to leave as a top performer, top CEO, a well known corporate figure & a wealthy man ?...

my personal opinion - it must be at SPSetia peak performance, especially when Battersea project is on solid footing - Battersea Phase 2 successful sales order / major infra approved......

any good news for this counter in future = a step closer/faster for Liew departure.

* unidentified rumor says he was approached BY Najib to head the ministry of urban development, local government & housing after GE13 but he turned down the offer - means " they indirectly don't want him to stay any longer with the proposed offer "
05 Jul 2013, 05:32 PM
for your further reading,

familiar with the faces ? Dato Chang Khim Wah & Dato Sundarajoo ?

this will help you to gauge how true the rumor spreading that some senior managements left the company & joined the new company believed to be Liew's proxy
05 Jul 2013, 09:28 PM
Malaysian tycoon Syed Mokhtar eyes a piece of S P Setia. Can somebody clarify this?
24 Mar 2014, 12:05 PM


05 Jul 2020, 07:49 PM

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