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Bought at 0.37 average price, the stock is now U-turn heading to possitive direction after holding for 8 months. Now the sky is clearer and brighter.

With the step-down price 7 cents per year, the warrant has a potential to move up 7 cents per year till 2024 before the warrant expired.

The mother share Sunway has a great potential. Most of the property counters are not doing well in this groomy day. Sunway still maintain good quarterly result. 

08 Apr 2019, 02:44 PM

Mother share is moving upward. Quarterly earning is persistent and moving upward. The warrant exercise price is step-down 7 cents per year. Based on current warrant price, it is about 20% discount per year. If I translate 20% discount to warrant price, it will be 8 cents increase per year on warrant price.


13 Nov 2019, 05:49 PM

During the first two years, this warrant is adjusting and finding it own support level. The price dropped from 60 cents in Oct-17 to 25 cents in Dec-18 and rebound to 42 cents in Apr-19, thereafter this warrant found its support level and gradually grow up trend. 

The current support level is 40-42.

The next support level is anitcipated at 48-50 Oct-20 onward after 7 cents exercise price step down to 1.65 on Oct-20. 

Based on the 20% grow rate, the forecast as below,

Oct-19 : 40-42 : 1.79

Oct-20 : 48-50 : 1.72

Oct-21 : 58-60 : 1.65

Oct-22 : 62-68 : 1.58

Oct-23 : 70-78 : 1.51

Oct-24 : 80-88 : 1.44 - mature and exercise the warrant 

22 Jan 2020, 10:41 AM

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