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How To Improve Trading Strategy?

  • Increase transaction speed

  • Loss prevention

  • Market research neutrality

  • No mood transaction possible


17 Jul 2018, 07:34 PM

Here's 5 Facts About Trading

1. Small gains add up

2. The Selection of a reputable broker is important

3. Emotions are not important

4. Insider trading is a false belief

5. Simple Strategy Works better

19 Jul 2018, 03:05 PM

Most important is to test broker you started work with anyway for something like for example quick withdraw and so on. Just make some small deposit, play with and try to withdraw money asap and you will see the results anyway, see my point here ?

26 Jun 2019, 02:47 AM

To be a successful trader, you have to make some thoughtful decisions that greatly impact your performance. For instance go for a good broker with reliable customer support and easy withdrawals. You also need to build your winning strategy and practise proper risk management

28 Jun 2019, 02:00 AM

I also can recommend to read Bill williams trading chaos book.

02 Jul 2019, 09:59 PM
fardeen Khan

I will recommend to watch the news and markwt update, it most important part of analysis..

06 Jul 2019, 10:23 AM

I read this book and I did not like it much.
I believe that it is more important to learn how to trade and analyze the market yourself. And when the basic concepts appear, then you can already read books.
If you read books at the beginning, there will be no understanding of the market. You need to immediately immerse yourself in the atmosphere of trade.

06 Sep 2019, 01:43 AM

I do understand and agree with the point where you do provide something like for example this book and there is no other completely. Best trade comes from experience really at all and not by from reading books anyway. I hope you see my point.

13 Sep 2019, 01:18 AM

You mean in forex trading or in stocks ? I assume you need very high leverage and that's really it. But honestly it should really be done in some other places than current ones. See my point ? I do not really get this much. Trading comes with a practice.

20 Sep 2019, 02:04 AM

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