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any news on this counter..............
09 Jul 2014, 11:05 PM
rolleyesteoseng 7252 tide into the reasons for entering the capital Rm 1.39 ---
1) Company 2013 total net profit 23.42 million, eps = 11.7 sen, dy = 1.77% (2.5sen).

2) Q1 earned in the first quarter (10.27 million), EPS = 5.14 SEN, estimates Q2, Q3, Q4 has 4sen total of 12 SEN,
Annual EPS = 17SEN count, now RM 1.41 just in PE = 8.2 times the transaction was estimated to be slander, and
Reasonable PE = 10, the target price = RM1.70 .NTA = RM 0.71
3) The company has 35.65 million in cash, debt of 74.82 million.
4) 30 major shareholder already holds 90.73% (181,473), the market liquidity of only 18,527, the number of shares to 200,000.
TEOSENG definitely preferred share investors, the potential value of the company is good, growth is good, will be a dark horse stocks.
(24-07-2014 latest shareholding has changed Koperasi Permodalan Felda Malaysia Berhad
Only keep 5% of its original 15% do not know where to go, the open market or other buyers.)
5) eggs for human staple food, business resilience and strong, never have sales problems.
6) Teoseng sale in Johor Bahru supermarket chicken low denier denier .10 steroid tablets containing vitamin E. price rm4.50,
Produced nearly Yongping area, selling other brands Regular rm3.50, prices stronger than other stores, saw net profit up.
Personal finishing with projections into the Chu conceited.
24 Jul 2014, 08:53 PM

Q2 egg price maintained.....expected 7252 to maintain Q1 EPS...
25 Jul 2014, 03:30 AM
rolleyesteoseng 31-03-2014 influx into the first quarter results of ---
Seen from the figure, an increase of nearly a cash 10,000,000 to 45,530,000 (30-12-2013 to 35.65 million),
The debt only increased from 1,330,000 to 76,150,000 (30-1202014 for 74820000)
Management has been seen in the heart, and everything to improve, the net cash just in time towards it.

Chart seen from B1 2014 years of business records is 87.04 million, 2013 was 79,080,000
Increased only slightly, but net profit increase in 2013 was 5.55 million, 2014 was 13,550,000,
Because eggs better price plus lower feed costs.

From the chart to see business records 31-03-2014 B2 is 87040000,
Business records 31-12-2013 was 89.15 million, down nearly 2 million, but net profit increase
31-12-2013 is 7.4 million, 31-03-2014 is 13550000,
Because eggs better price plus lower feed costs. Main raw material of corn and soybeans fell,
Good profit to the company, the company for many years in the professional denier chicken industry, as long as no outbreak of avian influenza (believe
The last inspection has been the strengthening of health of Jing.) Tidal year performance is excellent, beautiful outlook has seen.
You hold TEOSENG 7252 harvest.
25 Jul 2014, 07:51 AM
rolleyesTeoseng 7252 tidal, maintaining the growth momentum,
The company estimated that in 2017, the daily fresh denier from the current 2.8 million
Increased to 3.5 million, the 2017 net profit would be ---
a) 2014 estimated net profit 40 million (Q1 + Q2 has had 19.88 million)
EPS = 20 SEN, annual compliance great opportunity. Reasonable PE = 15 times the price = Rm3.00
b) If the cost of production unchanged in 2017 if the successful production of 3.7 million a day, lifting net profit 25% (up to 50 million),
EPS = 25SEN, reasonable PE = 15 times the price = Rm3.75
c) the integrity of a good boss, earn more delivery is also more tax-exempt dividend of 5 sen (ex 15-9-14, 29-9-14 transfer).
d) Now the price is attractive Rm1.91 opportunity is not often, bargain approach I love Happy egg.
For reference only, and out of conceit.
03 Sep 2014, 06:39 PM
Is TeoSeong Cap still a good buy ? may be good to wait for pullback..
06 Sep 2014, 10:42 PM
Corn price keep dropping....7252 should able to maintain EPS...
08 Sep 2014, 09:53 PM
go go TS rolleyes
08 Sep 2015, 05:15 PM
7252 TEOSENG RM1.32 BUY IN,再穷,鸡蛋总是不会少,
目前3个季度eps达13 sen,估计Q4 EPS=4SEN,
则2015 eps=17 sen,pe=10,stock price=rm1.70
a)LAYHONG 9385 ,RM8.18 ,PE=22.3 的高pe成交下,
b)ql 7084 rm4.54 ,pe=28.5
c)cab 7174 rm1.69 ,pe=15.8,
d)ltkm 7085 rm1.50 ,pe=5 ,
e)huatlai 7141 rm4.97 pe=7.3
f)pwf 7134 rm1.28 pe=11.2
g))teoseng 7252 rm1.32 ,pe=7.23 (是不是值得进入,haha)
22 Jan 2016, 11:34 AM

now RM1 or lower can buy now?drool
02 Dec 2016, 12:04 PM

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30 Jan 2021, 01:02 PM

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