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Liihen is back!!!
28 May 2012, 01:06 PM

Liihen 7089 RM2.46 approach, future clothing.
1) Company in May of Q1 2014 results well, earning 8.25 million, Eps = 13. 76sen, nta = rm2.53
If down the Q2, Q3, Q4 has 6 million (EPS = 10SEN), then the annual earn 26.25 million (EPS = 43.76SEN)
Now RM2.46 only PE = 5.6 in the transaction significantly undervalued, reasonable PE = 8, price = RM3.50
2) the company is payable quarterly, Q1 has delivered 4SEN and 23-7-2014 points 3.5SEN, if Q2, Q3.Q4 there
3.5 SEN, the annual total 18SEN, now RM2.46 count, DY up to 7.3% is a good dividend stocks.
3) LIIHEN debt was 26 million, the company has CASH 5883 million, or equivalent to HK 98SEN
Is a net cash company.
4) taken from the brother of Sagittarius share, a) industry this year will be revalued Oh, 30 acres of land,
Nearly 21 acres are leased lease nearly 8 acres is freehold.
b) owned by a subsidiary of Lee Hing - Lee Hing planting. (Owns 72%).
In 30 years, 15,000 acres of forest +30 + rubber development rights, the number of shares is only 60 million, I believe three to five years,
Such a price is difficult now, "load" EPS growth.
5) 30 major shareholder already holds 65.6% (39,360), the market liquidity of only 20,640
6) Generally most happy to be the largest shareholder in the company net profit is good, such as bonus shares, subdivision or special dividend, etc., value
Was expecting.
7) the company's vice earned 11.6% of peers regarded BEAUTIFUL. (Take the calculated results for Q1 of 2014).
8) in the past 10 years, from 2003 to 2013 fiscal years, the annual money, good fundamentals, the dollar higher against net performance of
Lee, along with the United States
States at the end of the end of QE, flow of capital, the U.S. dollar is stable and strong, which is good for the company.
9) Furniture stocks, on dividends, management, competitive advantage, earning deputy, assets, ROE (ROE = 12.3), integrity,
Growth prospects
Risks and other factors, LIIHEN definitely preferred stock investors, good potential value of the company, will be a dark horse stocks.
10) These are the catalyst for the share price rises, individual projections and finishing out of the ego.
30 Jun 2014, 03:27 PM
rolleyesRe looking for --- Status liihen
The main problem is confidence, as before invest brother said, online gossip, nonsense ingredients upset with multi purpose is to give investors lose confidence in the company.
I also think so, but Qingzheziqing, from the company a few years of professional production, generous dividends, capital appreciation but also, more recently, to get insurance money (before the fire),
Description is transparent and comply with the law, the management also make progress, the peak performance of the company and recycling, as long as more investors discover liihen
The value of the company has confidence that the price dragon again days. Looking forward to that day.
I enjoy the company of three-month dividend, substantial cash flow, and have the opportunity for capital appreciation. Wonderful.
The company did not issue orders, because - Liihen about 83 percent of products exported to the United States - a) U.S. wealth hidden in the private sector, there are two thirds of economic growth from consumption.
b) Americans claimed to be the world's most wasteful nation.
c) the United States is the world's largest import market Shang.
d) be regarded as a mere Furniture pediatrics, on the old ones, nothing, so any period furniture has good sales.
02 Jul 2014, 05:55 PM
thumbupliihen redness share it? -
From 2004 to 2014, 10 years to make liihen has become more powerful, beautiful balance sheet,
Long-term debt was 11.79 million, there are 58.83 million in cash, about 98sen per share in cash,
6000 the number of company stock shares, par value of one dollar per share consisting of a share capital of 60 million,
From the company's financial perspective, hair 2 get 1 bonus shares is in the ability for many years because the company did not increase the number of shares, and
In order to repay the shareholders and strengthen equity flows, the probability of a large bonus issues, to see whether or not the major shareholder,
I came in when the dividends received and capital appreciation, I want to vote ? on the market less than 20,000, as more people find
When liihen provide investment opportunities is really more to buy higher now while low, early purchase, waiting for food and clothing,
A conservative estimate of bonus shares, the price can reach rm3.50 (full-year dividend of 14sen count, dy = 4%)
Personal projection, out of conceit.
Chart taken from Sagittarius brother
03 Jul 2014, 05:27 PM
shutupliihen optimistic trend ---
24/02/14 price = rm consolidation of nearly three months after 1.88.
20/05/14 price = rm 1.75. Shares remained stable health.
21/05/14 price = rm 1.80, rising journey began to rebound,
So far 04/07/14 price = rm 2.50. Long-term trend is still perfect,
Individuals to aim at rm 3.50

April insurer received 4.24 million second quarter profit as long as
5760000. There
10 million, Eps = 16.6sen. Then Q1 + Q2 = 30.3sen if Q3.Q4 have 10sen.
Throughout the year there eps = 50.3sen (3018 million). Currently rm2.50 just pe = 4.97 in the transaction. Really attractive price!
rm 3.50 liihen pe = 6.95
Products accounted for more than 80% of exports to the United States, benefiting from a) a strong dollar. B) of the U.S. economy to improve, improve the people's willingness to spend.
c) new housing rebound. Master's portfolio cold, are selected with a stable dividend and business growth of the company,
liihen With these conditions hold many Latitud, Pohuat, Hevea stocks from the master, does see
Good prospects for furniture stocks in the coming years. Therefore, export-oriented companies in the coming years will be a strong defensive
Stocks. There are good opportunities for capital appreciation. Liihen2014-year net profit is expected to hit a record high, has risen
Is a very natural thing, after all liihen snubbed by everyone ignored for many years, today it is time to look seriously
liihen the value and potential. And encourage one another's.
Individual projections and finishing out of the ego.
04 Jul 2014, 06:06 PM
thumbupTuesday, May 27, 2014

Booming of Furnitures Theme

Have you invested any Furniture businessrelated counters recently?

If yes, congratulations to you not only because you have earned some handsome profits but I foresee there will be more to come. Let me explain why later.

For newbie, you may wonder what are the furniture counters we are looking at. They are not a lot and complicated if compare to Plantation, Construction, Property and Technology sector.

Those I'm aware consist of LATITUD, POHUAT, LIIHEN, EUROSP, HOMERIZ, SHH. These counters share price have went up at least from 10 to 70% since January this year. The highest so far is SHH, which has just shoot up more than 80% over the past few days before it rebounded. This is scaring but let's put this counter aside first. Of course, there are 2 counters are yet to fly high but merely 10% so far. This is more or less related to the volatility of it's shares which the transaction volumes are very pity at this stage.

There the related counters on supplying plywood materials are HEVEA and FLBHD. These counters are definitely benefits a lot if the furniture countersmaking more money.

Basically the furniture business is booming since second half last year due to the demand and economy are recovering from the low peak especially the developed countries like US, Japan and Europe. Developing countries demand also rising due to brighter economy such as China, India and Indonesia. Since it is just turning from the low peak for less than a year, there will be more rally to go.

On top of that, USD appreciation against MYD also boost up the earning indirectly. In addition, most of these companies are running very low PE ratio. Thus, they are really inexpensive and low risk to invest at this stage although some of them have went up a lot. Furthermore, news started to flow out that some companies / leaders have started to expand their capacity in order to boost up the existing revenue.

I'm very confidence that these companies will be continuing to rack in more profit at least in the coming 2 to 3 quarters. Perhaps these counters near future prospects are even better than the property counters, as you can see property sector index has went up a lot.

Of course, there are some risks to consider as below:
1. Weakening demand from Japan, Europe and US.
2. Strengthening of MYD currency against USD and local factory currency i.e. DONG / BATH.
3. Significant rising of plywood cost as furniture main materials.
3. Re-occurring of Vietnam riots that affecting those have factories / operations in Vietnam.
4. Instability of Thailand politics that may affecting those have factories / operations in Thailand.
5. KLSE facing downtrend or correction.

Well, if want to list down all the risks, they are too much to go. But let's look at property sector, after some many negative news, those undervalue counters still went up steadily.

Well, It's a challenge now to make money from KLSE at this high index period even though you still see a lot people are making a lot of money. All we need to do is to play safe and invest every penny carefully. Therefore, I've swapped part of my plantation shares to invest in 1 of the counters above today. Not a lot but just trying to make some coffee money.

All the best!
06 Jul 2014, 12:18 PM
7089 liihen 利興工业 rm 4.50 再次拥有。
(如vs 一样),2015 年eps 个人估计达rm0.50,pe=12 ,股价=rm6.00 ,红股派发机会大.
Eps=rm0.50,只属保守算,rmo.55~0.60不会出奇,美元走高,销量增加,选 Liihen为良策 ,10 sen股息 拿先,
02 Jun 2015, 03:23 PM
Liihen 7089 RM4.50 进场,未来丰衣足食。
1)公司于5月的Q1 2015 业绩很好,赚了 1074万,Eps=17.9sen ,nta=rm3.32
现RM4.50只是PE=8.3 在交易,明显被低估了,合理的PE=12,价位=RM6.46
4 SEN,全年共22SEN,现RM4.50 算,DY高达 4.8%,是很好的收息股.
3)于31-3-2015 LIIHEN 的债务才2399万,公司有CASH 5959万,相等于每股99.3SEN

,风险性等因素,LIIHEN 绝对是投资者的首选股,公司的潜在价值好,将会是一只黑马股。
liihen 会发红股吗?--

02 Jun 2015, 05:19 PM
2)保守经济放慢算,每年也有24~30 m,eps=rm0.40~0.50 ,pe=12 ,
share price=rm 4.80~6.00 ,rm 4.53 ,dy=4.5~5% ,实为好股一支!
这次旅程由某前辈领航,从16-12-2014 的RM2.56开始,一路上只是休息,
没有回返,一直到今天 3-6-2015 (RM4.67),终点不知道在那里,看到幸福的未来,
我的估算Q2(8月) share price=rm5.00
Q3(11月) share price=rm5.50
Q4(2月) share price=rm6.00
03 Jun 2015, 05:00 PM
yeah网友 storm的分享--
去年的annual report表示
1,去年的美金average price是1:3.24。
2,美金每增加5%将会带来2百多万的net profit(2014年)

1,2015年过了5个月,美金没有低过3.5,average price大概为1:3.6(增加了11.1%)

1,revenue 将会超过 rm450million(去年为397million)
2,profit margin 为 10%(去年为7.2%)
3,net profit 为 45million (去年为 28million)

红股前eps75仙,pe8.5,target price 为rm6.375
04 Jun 2015, 03:29 PM
Golden chance to buy in this
18 Dec 2015, 03:00 PM

01 Jun 2016, 04:53 PM

Stock Review on LIIHEN.

Kindly review and give comment.

23 Sep 2017, 11:33 AM

Comparision of Furniture section in 2018

31 Mar 2020, 12:54 PM

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