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25 Jul 2012, 10:33 PM
rolleyes1)今天的成交与价位暴起,看来 公司有大动作吧(如之前的dbhd 3484), 31299 +16 0.79
2)8月还有4 sen 的股息收, nta=rm 1.68
至2014年3月底,有cash 1513万,借款 3931万 ( ... nouncements/1637633)
3)至3月底首季净利 276 万,eps=1.34 sen 个人推算tp=rm 1.00
10 Jun 2014, 06:48 PM
0.79 sen 买进6912 pasdec 的原因---
4)每股净有形资产值RM1.68, 因此公司若私有化,每股最少有RM1.68

8)至3月底首季净利276万,eps=1.34sen,因4月份出售地净利336万,故Q2约有600万的净利,全年四季约有1600万,eps=7.9sen,取目标价为rm1.20 ,pe=15 ,取4 sen的股息算,其dy=3.3%
9)现6月至8月底有4sen的股息,想信这只股有看头,现价位0.79 sen算,dy=5.06% ,具吸引人.
11)善用手中的资金,集中火力,让资本增值最大化,pasdec 具备条件成为爆发股。把握目前提供的良机。实现写意,悠闲,看海的日子,哈哈,我进了,你还在等什么呢。
0.79 sen in 6912 pasdec reason to buy ---
1) There are themes, East Coast SAR ongoing, like Johor iskandar DC
2) pasdec as property stocks representative of the East Coast region, Pahang state economic development agencies hold 51.6% of the shares. Appointed as Chairman of the State Minister of Justice, the state's many development projects, the company has the opportunity to participate, as the saying must not let outsiders fields.
3) pasdec in Pahang, there are many basement, and many have been for many years a revaluation, if the revaluation, the value of RM2.00 per share for a minimum of more than
4) Net tangible asset value per share RM1.68, therefore, if privatization of the company, at least there is RM1.68 per share
5) I have seen Johor state government before privatization (Johor Land), only how many shares were similar.
6) Horse Industrial Park in Kuantan Chinese and formation of a joint venture responsible for the development of both horse construction and operation of the park's total share in accordance with the joint venture than 51% of the Macedonian side, 49% of the Chinese constitution. China invested enterprises in Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group and Qinzhou City Development and Investment Co., Ltd.; Marfan Shida Group from Malaysia, Pahang Evergreen Group and development agencies (land valued shares) of common shares. The future can be clothed.

7) in 2013 earned a total of 12.2 million. eps = 5.9sen
8) to the end of March quarter net profit of 2.76 million, eps = 1.34sen, due in April to sell 3.36 million to net income, the Q2 net profit of about 6 million, the annual seasons, about 16 million, eps = 7.9sen, take the target price To rm1.20, pe = 15, take 4 sen dividend calculation, its dy = 3.3%
9) is now the end of June to August dividends 4sen, would like to believe this stock is worth seeing, price-bit 0.79 sen count, dy = 5.06%, with attractive.
Fundamentals 10) the company is stable and strong, a very good political background.
11) use of the hands of the funds, concentrated fire, so to maximize capital appreciation, pasdec qualified to become outbreaks shares. Grasp the opportunities currently offered. Achieve impressionistic, relaxing, watching the sea day, ha ha, I entered, what are you waiting for it.
12) These are the catalyst for the share price rises, individual projections and finishing out of the ego. Company's Web site-http :/ /
11 Jun 2014, 06:07 PM

12 Jun 2014, 05:23 PM
3)丰隆投行看中的公司,肯定有它的价值,我信它们的基金经理,丰隆持有4.8%(9929張),个人相信在 27/08/2014前,他们不会出售股份,因为9929*4 sen=397 千的股息收入很有吸引力.其他的股东大多也会持有直到获得股息或更久.
1) before the heat of the SAR is iskandar stocks, now I see the light and the opportunity to share the east coast of the SAR, it is time to enter pasdec it.
2) 30 major shareholder holding 77.24% of (159,094), the market flow only over 40,000 copies on the share price should be easy.
3) Hong Leong investment bank saw the company certainly has its value, and I believe their fund managers, Hong Leong holds a 4.8% (9929), individuals believe 27/08/2014 ago, they will not sell the shares, since 9929 * 4 sen = 397 thousand of dividend income is very attractive. most of the other shareholders will be held until a dividend or more.
12 Jun 2014, 05:56 PM