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Good New GCE tonight ........
21 Feb 2013, 04:18 PM

Buy today 4,600 share @ RM0.72 Waiting for Announcement tonight about SCR then buy or sell tomorrow.........

Hope for the best tonight Feb 25 2013.......
25 Feb 2013, 05:23 PM

KLSE Company Announcements 2013
25 Feb 2013, 05:34 PM

Finally result annco cash RM68 Million + RM20 Million Debtors RM88 Millions. Dividend 4% on 197 Million = RM 7.88 Millions. = Cash Balane 80 Million x 4% Deposit = RM3.20 Million Earing

Proposed Issue Share and with Cash + Share = Buy addtion Assets.

No News SCR mean Major Shareholder dont want the OLD hotel......

IF buy for Yeild u get 5.633% without tax no as good as EPF 6.15% but better thenFixed Deposit 1yrs 4%

I think of reducing my Holding some of this GCE counter.....????

Looking some better counter.....any suggestion?????

25 Feb 2013, 09:18 PM

Sell Sell Sell GCE GCE GCE
25 Feb 2013, 09:19 PM

Since Board of Director dont want to private it better sell now deal more share issue to the market.

It may good is may reversal takeover by TUNE Hotel which budget hotel expansion local and oversea Budget Hotel. Getting some prenium on it.

If there dont do anything just Lose every year due to OLD HOTEL and LONG GOOD STAFF
WORKER ................

26 Feb 2013, 09:33 PM

Lesson ONE Low Volume trade don"t touch......Like < 500,000 share trade per day.

Now i have share i cannot sell..... sell price very low price...????
27 Feb 2013, 11:10 AM

After selling 7500 share at rm0.71 now today at RM.074 WHO IS DOING THIS SHARE...................////////////////
28 Feb 2013, 10:42 PM

Must active this counter volume>>>> Buy and sell....norrowthe BUY and SELL (Loseorgain).......?????
28 Feb 2013, 10:45 PM

Lesson TWO. It Is very important when to Buy and when to SELL.

Moving Average = 21 days price.If the price above 21 days and the next day one hour trade 10am it still above MA 21 days then it time to BUY. SELL is reveral the BUY charts.

MACD if the bar ABOVE the line is the BUYING sginal if BELOW the line then SELL siginal

Try it yourself and have a feedback. Patient is RULE OF LAW 2013

02 Mar 2013, 07:44 PM

Queit for almost two week. GCE is not moving any way since anncoument profit and dividend 4% no tax.

It will meet with the Board of director about the 80 Million Cash Bank Balance is going to do with it.

Keep in bank for 3% interest = RM2.40 Million Better to repayment back to the shareholder....

Or Joint with TUNE Hotel.......

14 Mar 2013, 05:02 PM

GCE Director where are u going to say sometime about the future of GCE.

If not then take private .....

if not cash let me HELP you to get finance or You dont need Cash to take PRIVATE....

Look at your GCE Balance Sheet....

Need help look for HLFG>>>>>>

14 Mar 2013, 05:07 PM
New GCE Mangement is on the WAY????
14 Mar 2013, 05:25 PM

CTWM and yunnens like this company.
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