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Changes in Sub. S-hldr's Int (Section 138 of CA 2016)


Particulars of substantial Securities Holder

Nationality/Country of incorporation Malaysia
Descriptions (Class) Ordinary Shares

Details of changes

No Date of change
No of securities
Type of Transaction Nature of Interest
08 Jun 2022
Others Direct Interest
Name of registered holder Datuk Teoh Hwa Cheng
Description of "Others" Type of Transaction Bonus Issue
08 Jun 2022
Others Indirect Interest
Name of registered holder MRZ Leather Holdings Sdn Bhd
Description of "Others" Type of Transaction Bonus Issue

Circumstances by reason of which change has occurred Bonus Issue
Nature of interest Direct and Indirect Interest
Direct (units) 24,367,296
Direct (%) 3.241
Indirect/deemed interest (units) 373,075,532
Indirect/deemed interest (%) 49.625
Total no of securities after change 397,442,828
Date of notice 08 Jun 2022
Date notice received by Listed Issuer 08 Jun 2022

Remarks :
1) The percentage of holdings is based on the enlarged issued share capital of 751,783,132 (excluding 216,868 Treasury Shares).

2) The total indirect interest of 373,075,532 ordinary shares are registered in the name of MRZ Leather Holdings Sdn Bhd. Datuk Teoh Hwa Cheng is deemed interested in the shares held by MRZ Leather Holdings Sdn Bhd pursuant to Section 8 of the Companies Act 2016.

The notice was received by the Company on 8 June 2022.

Announcement Info

Stock Name PECCA
Date Announced 08 Jun 2022
Category Change in the Interest of Substantial Shareholder Pursuant to Section 138 of CA 2016
Reference Number CS2-02062022-00025

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