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26 Nov [第一天] 5分钟看懂 GENM(4715) 2021年 Q3季报 ~ 复苏的开始?  1 like
13 Oct [水星] 就是運氣好  1 like
27 Sep [第一天] 大马P公司基金王重开3个月?是否一个投资机会?  1 like
27 Sep [第一天] RCECAP 股东大会 23-9-2021 @ E-Broadcast  1 like
27 Sep [第一天] GENM 股东大会 22-9-2021 @ E-Broadcast  1 comment
27 Sep [水星] 中年  

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This is highly recommended book. I read this when I was a poor guy but an English version. It is a must read book.


10 Mar 2017, 09:17 PM

This book prove that what I was doing that time was correct while many refuse to do that.

10 Mar 2017, 09:18 PM

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