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CorporateSTOCK: APM (5015)
Blog 04 May 2012, 5:49:57 PM

A growth stock.Have more than RM 390 mln. cash and little/no borrowings.Equivalent to about RM 1.93 per share!.Paid 32 sen dividen for FYE 2011.This one for long term
investment.Stock is illiquid.Company can easily give bonus share like 1 for 1 or 1 for 2.
CorporateSTOCK: TONGHER (5010)
Blog 04 May 2012, 5:36:46 PM

(Note: The company has proposed a 1st & final dividend of 22 sen(single tier) for FY2011. The entitlement date for this dividend has not been fixed yet.)

Announcement should be very soon....before end of this month???

CorporateSTOCK: DLADY (3026)
Blog 29 Mar 2012, 8:57:04 AM
still kicking myself for selling the stk at 23.00.mad
CorporateSTOCK: COASTAL (5071)
Blog 29 Mar 2012, 7:42:51 AM

wait till it drops to around 1.900.i bought it @1.88,sold at 2.25.
CorporateSTOCK: SAPIND (7811)
Blog 29 Mar 2012, 7:38:41 AM
Dividend Declared

The Board recommends a single tier first and final dividend of 15 sen per ordinary share for the financial year ended 31 January 2012 for shareholders' approval at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting of the Company, which will be paid on a date to be determined.

yipee! 15 sens div. That's like 10% yield @ 1.49. 50 % payout.That's what I call a "fat dividend."yeah
CorporateSTOCK: TDM (2054)
Blog 28 Mar 2012, 11:50:57 AM
RM 185 fin. div. Not bad,but can afford to pay more.Keep so much cash for expansion/acquisition possibly?thumbup
CorporateSTOCK: ARREIT (5127)
Blog 27 Mar 2012, 3:41:56 PM
Income distribution every quarter.Around 1.70-1.90 cents each time.Last year FYE 12/2011 paid 7.22 cents per unit. Works out to about 7.84% yield @ 92 cents.Very
CorporateSTOCK: WELLCAL (7231)
Blog 27 Mar 2012, 3:28:30 PM
Yeah,one of the highest div. paying stocks on Bursa.On my "must buy list".notworthy
CorporateSTOCK: MITRA (9571)
Blog 26 Mar 2012, 10:41:51 AM
will buy more if it drops. Accumulating this stk,p.e about 5.6 times,cheap.should be able to maintain profitability & dividendsthumbup next couple of yrs. with projects secured.
CorporateSTOCK: MITRA (9571)
Blog 26 Mar 2012, 10:35:28 AM
Bought into this stk 2day.Giving 5 sen t.e. div.Yield 8.85% @565 ! very attractive thumbup
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