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CorporateSTOCK: RHBBANK (1066)
Blog 10 Sep 2015, 3:12:26 PM
CorporateSTOCK: BJCORP (3395)
Blog 29 Nov 2013, 10:58:38 PM
This is a growth stock with a positive track record.As you can see it's revenue has been on the high and much of it is being reinvested, thus the low dividend currently.Expect it to rise in years to come. Hence, it's meant for long term investment.Take my words with a pinch of salt though as this is only based on financial statistics.
CorporateSTOCK: BJCORP (3395)
Blog 29 Nov 2013, 8:12:37 AM

I am basing it on their financial statistics to date:
Price to book ratio: 1.17; previously undervalued
Albeit lower dividend yield: 1.57, but dividend cover is good at 3.16 and pay out ratio of 31.6.
it's 5 year growth is at 24.98. with low gearing.
Currently at a discount; but expect it to go lower to about 51 cents.
CorporateSTOCK: BJCORP (3395)
Blog 20 Nov 2013, 2:32:36 PM
Long term prospect looks good.
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