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CorporateSTOCK: AIRASIA (5099)
Blog 08 Aug 2019, 10:10:16 PM

I'm buying here at 1.77 with the red candle between those two green candles with the certain volume. It's gonna bounce here a little bit.

CorporateSTOCK: AIRASIA (5099)
Blog 06 Aug 2019, 8:22:13 PM

Mr./Ms. Kwok_39,

Oh, I see. Thank you for kindly eplaining that to me. In the Japanese market, the price itself doesn't change, even if there's dividend. The price usually goes down because investers sell after the ex day, though. But it's a change caused by tradings which are triggered by the dividend. So I got a little bit surprised.

CorporateSTOCK: AIRASIA (5099)
Blog 01 Aug 2019, 7:44:42 PM

Mr./Ms. Kwok_39,

In the malaysian market, is the stock price reduced by the dividend when it's paid?

CorporateSTOCK: AIRASIA (5099)
Blog 30 Jul 2019, 7:18:09 PM

Why did this stock's price range suddenly fall?

CorporateSTOCK: AIRASIA (5099)
Blog 29 Jul 2019, 6:05:12 PM

Dip buy!

CorporateSTOCK: AIRASIA (5099)
Blog 29 Jun 2019, 1:24:48 PM

Since this special devidend is really abnormal, investors are skeptical about the stock and the company. However, straightly considering what you'll get from the special devidend, we can't say this price is too high. It should have gone way higher when it's informed. I think what we should be afraid of is the probability that this stock can fall after the ex-day. In conclusion, no one can tell what will happen in the future, so just follow the market price. It's currently meking a resistance line probably waiting for the bounce that may be triggerer by the last buys to get the dividend at the end of July. Buy it when the bottom line is formed. I'm actually long in this company, btw. I won't sell.

CorporateSTOCK: AIRASIA (5099)
Blog 23 Jun 2019, 8:09:59 PM

This stock should bounce a little bit here and a lot in late July. Buy the bottom, guys.

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