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CorporateSTOCK: SCIENTX (4731)
Blog 20 Aug 2018, 8:08:07 PM

Wah can buy 200 acres-RM68.25 M  Durian Tunggal ... Alor Gajah area during bad times ..... well their cling wrap business in US must be very good. 1USD - RM 4.10yeah

Why spend RM1.63 million to buy back 198k @ RM8.21 . The Boss having been buying since the beginning 2Feb till Now with the biggest buy RM1.63 million on 16 Aug 2018yeah

Bet U 100% there is no right issue for the buying of the land. Company Cash rich mah



If U r the Boss of Scientx .... Your 4 Qters Results is due Mid Sept. Surely U  will roughly know what's your earnings will be . Since $$$ in USD is comming in n Good earnings for the whole year what will you do?.....I will definately buy more land at depress prices n built it in 2025 onwards. Since I have the CASH n more CASH is comming in . This is forsight investment that's what the Father was doing it b4 he passes it to his son the knowledge of property investment mah. I was with this counter since listing in the early 90s.

CorporateSTOCK: SCIENTX (4731)
Blog 17 Feb 2017, 3:43:58 PM

Fantastic n Fun Counter . To be invested in since listing. Coming in line of new production will be their investment in Texas ... the production of  " Cling Wrap"  will see it through World No: 1 in this product. ( Consumer Product ) always daily repeated sales. Everybody knows that US market is one of  the biggest Market for consumerable.  

After Bonus 1: 1 recently    X at  RM 13.00 ......means   RM 6.50  for 2...........Now trading above RM 7.00 these few days. Then moreover BOSSES OF THE COMPANY BOUGHT / mopped up some 44,600K recently a month b4 their Half yearly results by 22 March 2017. Something must be brewing.  Keep your finger's Cross .

Happy Investing.


CorporateSTOCK: SAM (9822)
Blog 29 Apr 2016, 7:35:30 PM
Announcement made on the 20 April 2016 star

RM100 million (~US$26 million) investment planned for Aerospace

SAM Engineering and Equipment (M) Bhd, a subsidiary of SAM Group, is planning to invest
RM100 million (~US$26 million) in the next 3 years to increase its manufacturing capacity to
support the recently awarded long term contracts for the aerospace business. RM70 million
(~US$18 million) will be allocated for the purchase of equipment to produce major
machined parts for the new Airbus A320neo aircraft family while the remaining RM30
million (~US$8 million) for prismatic parts. The planned new capacity will not have any
significant contribution to current financial year.
The aerospace business contractual order book now stands at about RM3.5 billion (~US$1
CorporateSTOCK: HARISON (5008)
Blog 28 Apr 2016, 6:49:48 PM

Paid consistant dividend

15 sen for 4years.

Buying below 3.00 gives u a 5+% yield

CorporateSTOCK: HARISON (5008)
Blog 03 Mar 2016, 5:37:24 PM
The worst is over need a second look.

Even the GST effect is deminishing
CorporateSTOCK: SAM (9822)
Blog 17 Feb 2016, 10:59:30 PM
Very good results 3rd Qters

The next 4th Qters ....Expecting a higher dividend much more then 32.2 sen
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