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Blog 23 Aug 2019, 10:30:38 AM

ARB seals RM84m per year contract with Cambodian firm

KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 22): ARB Bhd has signed a contract with a Cambodia agriculture products firm to provide an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

ARB, formerly known as Aturmaju Resources Bhd, said the contract with Tatan Land Co Ltd is expected to contribute an estimated US$20 million (RM84 million) to the group’s topline per year.

ARB will provide a customised ERP system and system integration solution (SIS) to TLCL. The system's features include real-time sales tracking, real-time sales and inventory, inventory management, warehousing, and logistics optimisation, the group said in a filing with Bursa Malaysia.

The one-year contract can be renewed automatically when TLCL achieves the agreed target of US$20 million in gross merchandise value.

ARB said the contract, signed by its wholly-owned unit ARB Development Sdn Bhd, is in line with the group’s regional business plan to continue to expand its footprint in Cambodia.

“With our ERP solutions, we hope to assist TLCL to accurately map inventory assortments against consumer preferences and seasonal trends across their operations/outlets,” said ARB chief executive officer for investment and technology Datuk Larry Liew Kok Leong.

“This ultimately provides better customer service with an improved, more real-time understanding of what is selling and what is not,” Liew added.

ARB shares closed 1.5 sen or 4.05% lower at 35.5 sen, giving the company a market capitalisation of RM74.57 million.


ARBB secured another project of erp software with rm84 million

Blog 24 Jul 2019, 3:42:14 PM

RM800,000,000million of contract signed 

CorporateSTOCK: ARBB (7181)
Blog 18 Jun 2019, 10:35:06 AM

mou with RM83.5m guys hehe

$ARBB(7181.MY) $ARBB-PA(7181PA.MY) ARBB and East Insurance shall collaborate in developing and implementing the ERP system in the insurance operation platform for East Insurance in Cambodia.

The project value is not less than USD20 million (approximately RM83.5 million 
based on USD1.00 : RM4.17 extracted from bank negara Malaysia on 17 June 2019).


Blog 25 Feb 2019, 4:43:30 PM

around when q4 will be release?

CorporateSTOCK: TASCO (5140)
Blog 22 Feb 2019, 11:21:11 AM

OFF continued to bog down IBS performance despite favourable performance in Air Freight Forwarding (AFF). IBS’s revenue up 7.6% qoq but slid 9.6% yoy with PBT up 59.5% qoq and 1.6% yoy to RM2.5m. This was thanks to better performance in AFF. Cumulatively, IBS 9MFY19’s PBT tumbled 47.4% given lackluster OFF performance (registered a loss before tax of RM1.4m as compared to PBT of RM7.5m in 9MFY18) which outweighed better performance in AFF (+107.5% yoy to RM7.1m). OFF performance was mainly affected by direct sea shipment booking with carrier by existing solar panel customer.

CorporateSTOCK: TASCO (5140)
Blog 22 Feb 2019, 11:20:58 AM
  • Tasco Bhd (TASCO) reported a net profit of RM3.2m in 3QFY19 which improved 14.9% qoq but tumbled 61.1% yoy. Meanwhile, revenue down 3.4% qoq and 3.6% yoy.
  • Better QoQ performance was lifted by International Business Solutions (IBS).
  • Meanwhile, unfavourable YoY performance was bogged down by Contract Logistics Division (CL) under Domestic Business Solutions (DBS)
  • Below expectations. 9MFY19’s net profit below ours and consensus expectation by matching 55.8% and 53.7% of full year earnings estimates respectively. The lacklustre performance was mainly due to continuous losses in Ocean Freight Forwarding (OFF) division and uninspiring performance under CL Division.
CorporateSTOCK: PETRONM (3042)
Blog 22 Feb 2019, 11:20:13 AM

No expansion in refining capacity in the near term. In early 2018, the group publicly stated that it was considering expanding its refining capacity by 90,000bpd – on top of the existing 80,000bpd capacity – at an estimated cost of USD3.5bn. In view of the weak 2019 refining margins, we do not expect this exercise to be rolled out over the next 1-2 years. This is a relief to us, as a significant near-term expansion in capacity might result in a higher overhang on Petron Malaysia’s earnings base, due to the expected weak market ahead. Nevertheless, continuous upgrading works would still be done on its existing refining facility in order for it to upgrade its gasoline products to Euro 5M by 2020 – in line with the Government’s target.

CorporateSTOCK: PETRONM (3042)
Blog 22 Feb 2019, 11:20:04 AM

Despite a recent weakness in oil prices, refining margins globally have declined significantly, with the Tapis Crude 211 crack spread (with product prices including a mix of gasoline and diesel) plunging to USD3.5/bbl, based on latest observations. We believe the major drag in margins was due to high gasoline inventory in the US and Singapore, as well as the increase in China’s export quota. We believe the situation will persist in 2019, with overall demand for refined products remaining similar while supply is likely to stay oversized.

CorporateSTOCK: PETRONM (3042)
Blog 22 Feb 2019, 11:19:55 AM

Weak margins coupled with weaker volume. Petron’s 4Q18 core loss of MYR81m, vs profit in 4Q17, was mainly due to lower sales volumes. This, in turn, was no thanks to maintenance works conducted at its Port Dickson refinery and lower refining margins, which were largely dragged by weak product prices (especially gasoline margins). In FY19, core profit plunged 58% YoY despite the revenue growth, due to weaker refining margins – mainly from the squeeze in gasoline margins amidst an oversupply.

CorporateSTOCK: PETRONM (3042)
Blog 22 Feb 2019, 11:19:46 AM

4Q18 results are below expectations. The company’s 4Q18 core loss of MYR81m took FY18 earnings to MYR177m, below our and Street estimates, at 55.8% and 55.9% of full-year projections. The major negative variance to our forecast was largely due to weaker-than-expected refining margins and volume of product sold. DPS for FY18 was at MYR0.20.

CorporateSTOCK: PETRONM (3042)
Blog 22 Feb 2019, 11:19:37 AM

Maintain SELL and MYR5.60 TP, 25% downside with 2% FY19F yield. Petron Malaysia’s FY18 core earnings came below our expectations due to weak refining margins, especially soft gasoline margins that stemmed from the oversupply in the global market. We maintain our forecasts and TP, which is pegged to 9x FY19 P/E. Refining margins are expected to remain weak in 2019, hampered by a low gasoline product spread.

CorporateSTOCK: MAGNUM (3859)
Blog 22 Feb 2019, 11:19:14 AM

Keep OUTPERFORM. Post earnings revision, we raised our target price to RM2.50/DCF share or implied CY19 PER of 16x, which is at the 6-year mean, from RM2.25/DCF share. Although share price has risen 19% YTD, we still keep our OUTPERFORM call as the share price has yet to reflect higher ticket sales as authority is curbing the illegal operators. In addition, the stock offers above average yield of >5%. Risks to our call include: (i) poorer luck factors as well as (ii) falling ticket sales.

CorporateSTOCK: MAGNUM (3859)
Blog 22 Feb 2019, 11:19:07 AM

Expecting overall ticket sales to decline in FY19 on special draw cut to 10 draws from 22 draws, which will bring down ticket sales by 5.9% but resulting in a smaller proportion of reduction in bottom-line by 2-3% as these special draws come with 10% additional tax, which will cap profit margin. Nonetheless, we expect higher average ticket sales per draw to RM16.7m from RM16.5m following recent active enforcement on illegal operator by the authority. As such, together with house-keeping adjustments on FY18A, we upped FY19 earnings estimates slightly by 1.9%. We also introduced new FY20 forecasts, which expect earnings to grow by 2% on the back of 2% ticket sales growth while other key assumptions remain the same as FY19. Our dividend is still based on 80% payout.

CorporateSTOCK: MAGNUM (3859)
Blog 22 Feb 2019, 11:18:58 AM

Ticket sales led YoY growth too. Similarly, 4Q18 and FY18 core earnings which soared 37% to RM72.3m and 20% to RM247.2m, respectively, were largely attributed to the same reasons as sequential results on luck factor and stronger ticket sales. EPPR was almost 1ppt higher at 64.7% in 3Q18 while the luck factor in FY18 was lower at 64.8% as compared to 66.0% in FY17. Despite having two draws less at 45 in 4Q18, ticket sales rose 9% on the back of solid average ticket sales per draw growing 12% from RM15.6m/draw. Likewise, FY18 ticket sales grew 2%, although FY17 had three extra draws at 183, due to a 4% hike in average ticket sales per draw to RM16.3m in FY18.

CorporateSTOCK: MPI (3867)
Blog 22 Feb 2019, 10:17:11 AM

MPI: 2Q net profit down 4.8% to RM39.23m. Malaysian Pacific Industries (MPI) net profit for the 2Q ended Dec 31, 2018 slid 4.8% to RM39.23m, from RM41.2m a year earlier. EPS fell to 20.64sen from 21.69sen. Revenue, however, rose marginally by 0.7% to RM398.16m from RM395.25m in the previous year. MPI attributed the higher revenue to an 8% increase in revenue for the Asia segment. (The Edge)

CorporateSTOCK: PHARMA (7081)
Blog 22 Feb 2019, 10:16:50 AM

Pharmaniaga: 4Q net profit plunges 80%, declares lower dividend. Pharmaniaga 4Q net profit plunged 80% to RM4.44m, from RM21.7m a year ago, mainly due to lower demand coupled with higher finance costs. EPS for the quarter ended Dec 31, 2018 fell to 1.71sen from 8.36sen previously. Revenue was also lower by 3% at RM596.64m compared with RM613.2m a year ago. (The Edge)

CorporateSTOCK: INARI (0166)
Blog 22 Feb 2019, 10:16:28 AM

Inari: 2Q net profit down 19.7%, declares 1.5sen dividend. Inari Amertron 2Q net profit fell 19.71% to RM55.09m from RM68.61m a year ago, mainly due to lower revenue volume and changes in product mix. EPS for the 2QFY19 dropped to 1.73sen from 2.23sen previously. Revenue fell 20.17% to RM300.15m, from RM375.96m in the previous corresponding quarter. (The Edge)

CorporateSTOCK: RANHILL (5272)
Blog 22 Feb 2019, 10:16:05 AM

Ranhill: To export power to southern Thailand from Kedah. Ranhill Holdings (Ranhill) and Thailand-based Treasure Specialty Company Ltd (TS Co) will jointly develop a 1,150 megawatt combined cycle gas turbine power plant in Kedah for power export to Southern Thailand. Upon completion, the power plant is expected to dispatch 100% of its generation capacity through a dedicated transmission line to a substation in southern Thailand. (The Edge)

CorporateSTOCK: AXIATA (6888)
Blog 22 Feb 2019, 10:15:46 AM

Axiata (Neutral, TP: RM3.85), TM (Neutral, TP: RM3.40): Celcom wins contract to provide 4G MOCN to TM's subsidiary webe. Celcom Axiata has bagged a related party award from Telekom Malaysia (TM) to provide the 4G Multi-Operator Core Network to TM's subsidiary webe digital SB. (The Edge)

CorporateSTOCK: ARBB (7181)
Blog 19 Feb 2019, 3:28:08 PM

buy more now..the price increasing especially these 2 days, shud be many ppl has confident that q4 result will be good

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