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CorporateSTOCK: ARANK (7214)
Blog 27 Mar 2014, 12:04:25 AM

CorporateSTOCK: CMSB (2852)
Blog 21 Jun 2013, 11:07:54 AM

Ok tiekyu, thanks for ur views... :)
CorporateSTOCK: CMSB (2852)
Blog 19 Jun 2013, 9:59:16 AM

it has surged so much higher already now.. how low can i expect to collect?
CorporateSTOCK: CMSB (2852)
Blog 18 Jun 2013, 10:50:45 PM
is this stock politically linked to anybody?

how good is the fa of this co?
CorporateSTOCK: CMSB (2852)
Blog 18 Jun 2013, 10:50:44 PM
is this stock politically linked to anybody?

how good is the fa of this co?
CorporateSTOCK: TWRREIT (5111)
Blog 16 Jun 2013, 7:13:22 PM
only hl co's r good? any others? what about thh which qlc had bought into?
CorporateSTOCK: JTINTER (2615)
Blog 16 Jun 2013, 7:12:28 PM
the div looks good, but its not consistent div yield. more from the special div entitlement, which varies from year to year.
CorporateSTOCK: SKPRES (7155)
Blog 16 Jun 2013, 7:10:50 PM
technically i would avoid it for now. it just didnt look good from the chart. however i hv not been monitoring its movement before.
CorporateSTOCK: BENALEC (5190)
Blog 04 Jun 2013, 3:38:49 PM
Benalec finally come!!!!!!!!!!
CorporateSTOCK: HUPSENG (5024)
Blog 30 May 2013, 7:15:33 PM

unfortunately i dont hold stocks. i trade and looking at it in the long run, holding is safer than trading it.

cz by holding u dont hv to be stressed up watching it everyday. and u earn dividend as well.

by trading it u have to constantly cut losses, even when being played by the counters at times.. I dislike this. though i hv the cash but i hv to follow my trading plan to cut loss!
CorporateSTOCK: HUPSENG (5024)
Blog 29 May 2013, 11:29:23 PM

I bought 2.76 but sold at 2.9x last year.. coz its too slow and i cannot wait but after looking at it now, i noticed that it has appreciated about 40% from my cost price then.

but one bad thing is the vol.. it has no movement almost everyday, unless there is some news / results coming up ahead.. haih..

i think its a good stock for investment cum dividend but not able to trade it.. :(
CorporateSTOCK: MULPHA (3905)
Blog 29 May 2013, 11:18:25 PM

Good input.. i am also looking at this counter.. as i noticed why did the share price not moving up, it is high likely due to the losses that dragging it down.

and the result js came out today, its down again! will it continue to drift down the shares price?
CorporateSTOCK: SENDAI (5205)
Blog 16 May 2013, 11:21:05 PM
i like this stock! im monitoring it.. i saw some news today.. i think should be someting good.. can i know how much is this co valued? i know ntg about fa.. tq
CorporateSTOCK: FGV (5222)
Blog 11 Sep 2012, 5:46:34 PM
Wow!! A nice white hammer at closing today! Volume has to come ..............
CorporateSTOCK: FGV (5222)
Blog 10 Sep 2012, 12:59:17 PM
WOW!!!! Getting lower and lower........
CorporateSTOCK: GCB (5102)
Blog 20 Jul 2012, 11:55:11 PM
CorporateSTOCK: MKH (6114)
Blog 05 Jul 2012, 6:57:03 PM
so far so good, very good spike for these 3 days!
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