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CorporateSTOCK: ASTINO (7162)
Blog 03 Mar 2021, 7:19:10 PM

Price 99 cents-100 cents.number of shares 274 million.2 consecutive quarter of increase profit.This year expect over 30 million net profit compare with 22 million.Expect passing rm 1.50.

CorporateSTOCK: MAG (0095)
Blog 02 Mar 2021, 2:21:05 PM

Just watch.Investor snapping up the warrant in the tune of 40 million ++++  2 March 2021(first half trading).Something brewing.Usually mother shares up more thn warrant 80 percent of the time.

CorporateSTOCK: SCGM (7247)
Blog 01 Mar 2021, 1:45:28 PM

Buy call rm 1.70-rm 1.75.TP Rm 2.50-rm 2.70.Number of shares 193 million.

CorporateSTOCK: PRG (7168)
Blog 19 Feb 2021, 11:59:44 AM

Please dun sell.Seeing value till 40 cents range.Number of shares 429 million.

CorporateSTOCK: EUPE (6815)
Blog 24 Jan 2021, 11:52:38 AM

Number of shares 128 million.Profit over 30 million for 3 consecutive year.Worth just 80 over cents.Buy call.TP price over rm 2.How come investment bank miss this counter.NTA above rm 3 supported by profit.

CorporateSTOCK: MAG (0095)
Blog 17 Jan 2021, 12:46:03 AM

Buy call 20-21 cents.Number of shares 704 million.Seing 30 cents range.Prawn farming bearing result.Expect another quarter of 5-10 millions net profit.Hong Kong,China like our free of chemical prawn.

CorporateSTOCK: AVI (8885)
Blog 17 Jan 2021, 12:37:08 AM

TP above 12 cents.

CorporateSTOCK: AVI (8885)
Blog 15 Jan 2021, 10:13:26 PM

Avillion 60 percent on 8.5 (buy) 40 percent on 8 cents(buy).Please set price.Number of shares 944 million.

CorporateSTOCK: PRG (7168)
Blog 15 Jan 2021, 4:16:10 PM

yeahyeahyeahIt's reach.Ong had Mari.Im done.

ForumFORUM: Investor must be cautious on stock recommendation????My advice.
Blog 15 Jan 2021, 1:22:06 PM

Please read above before buying shares on recommend or oneself

ForumFORUM: Investor must be cautious on stock recommendation????My advice.
Blog 30 Dec 2020, 10:13:08 PM

Please read above.Tq.

Blog 30 Dec 2020, 6:31:00 PM

He right.This website below the chart got written bonus issues and right with date.

ForumFORUM: Investor must be cautious on stock recommendation????My advice.
Blog 30 Dec 2020, 6:27:12 PM

I)Investor need to see the chart.Certain recommendation already reach TP.But investor still bought it while on downturn.

Ii)After upward on more thn few hundred percent.Never buy it.Investor are feeding the speculator on money(ex quota reach there will dumb it big time).

Iii)Investor must listen to proven track record either unlicense or license.

IV)Investor who had the assets or cash should go to class to learn how to see the chart(Ex.when to buy and sell ;sell when it's overbought or buy when its oversold)

V)Buy on cheap while NTA is high(Example A Company 15 cents while NTA 60 cents),medium term its will profit.

Vi)Must know how to see the FA and TA of a company(Made sure the company had enough cash to cover current liability borrowing 70-80 percent)

    At the end,it's all depend on experience and of discipline investors.Invest not like tembak in SPM or STPM.






CorporateSTOCK: M&G (5078)
Blog 24 Dec 2020, 1:47:17 PM

Number of shares 720 millions.Sell can at 20-21 cents.Already fully value.Weekly overbought 7 cents to over 22.5 cents.

CorporateSTOCK: ANNUM (5082)
Blog 24 Dec 2020, 1:38:30 PM

Please becareful.Sell call rm 1.20-1.23.Its already up more thn 6 times since 20 cents(in less thn 1 month).I wonder y no UMA or is coming.Number of shares 75 millions.

CorporateSTOCK: PRG (7168)
Blog 23 Dec 2020, 10:33:37 PM

Buy call on PRG 18.5-19 cents.Number of shares 430 million.Tp 28-32 cents.

CorporateSTOCK: JTIASA (4383)
Blog 23 Dec 2020, 10:26:41 PM

Number of shares 970 million.Buy call at 88-89 cents.TP rm 1.32-rm 1.40.

CorporateSTOCK: TDM (2054)
Blog 23 Dec 2020, 10:23:28 PM

Buy call 32-33 cents.Number of shares 1.72 billions.TP 48-55 cents.Rise of CPO contribute to increase profit.

CorporateSTOCK: MBSB (1171)
Blog 23 Dec 2020, 10:17:25 PM

Market cap 6.97 billion.Buy call at 68-69 cents.TP 95 cents-rm 1.10.

CorporateSTOCK: KNM (7164)
Blog 17 Dec 2020, 11:26:28 PM

Number of shares 2.99 billion.Price 22.5-23 cents.Buy call.Tp 32 cent above.

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