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CorporateSTOCK: DSONIC (5216)
Blog 27 Mar 2014, 7:24:50 PM
thumbupDSONIC now start push (DSONIC-CA), From now the price will push by DSONIC 30%,now DSONIC price is RM 4.10-4.20,means 30% (DSONIC-CA)is RM 1.20, non stop buy it now thumbup
CorporateSTOCK: DSONIC (5216)
Blog 21 Mar 2014, 11:36:44 PM
thumbupGood News will coming soon, buy it dun stop...thumbup
CorporateSTOCK: DSONIC (5216)
Blog 22 Feb 2014, 1:35:34 AM
thumbup Dividend will coming soon, and maybe have Bonus Issuethumbup
CorporateSTOCK: DIGI (6947)
Blog 10 Oct 2012, 6:11:02 PM
i buy in digi at jan and feb, price is 3.90-4.40, may i know can i buy in more or sell and change counter?
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