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CorporateSTOCK: N2N (0108)
Blog 12 Sep 2017, 1:05:45 PM

Fundamental perspective, 
AFE is losing market share to AAstock(primary market player)and new emerge data providers in HK & China. Many in-house broker esp from china are develop their own apps to trade HK stocks such as futu securities. For instance, retails are keen to sign-up with Futu securities because ZERO commission to trade stocks and free real-time software. AFE only primary targeting HK broker film that provide service to prop traders. And not many HK broker can afford to subscribe AFE due to high monthly cost commitment(HKD 150k-180k/mth,3yrs contract). Unlike AAstocks, AFE is only open to HK stockbrokers,not retail. Due to the high cost, although HK got 500+ broker house, many are small. And many will definitely opts for cheaper options like AAstocks. Retails who use other data service provider generally only need to pay less than HKD 500-1000/mth, which much make sense for retail and small HK brokers. 
Hence, rather than thinking acquisition of AFE will become main growth driver for N2N, i think thinking AFE as income driver will be more appropriate. However, keep an eye on N2N future M&A deal. Continuously positive M&A deal will definitely lift the N2N profit and share price. 
Technical perspective, 
N2N is exhibits early trend reversal. Can monitor it and catch when the price retrace back to support. 
Caution! Trade based on chart, not comments or rumour on street.

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