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CorporateSTOCK: QL (7084)
Blog 25 Nov 2016, 10:32:05 AM
See our latest on QL
CorporateSTOCK: GADANG (9261)
Blog 29 Mar 2016, 4:53:35 PM
Just a random draft for GADANG by OM. Did not follow through though...

But you could look at how GADANG is better in terms of fundamentals against the rest...
CorporateSTOCK: ARMADA (5210)
Blog 09 Mar 2016, 5:39:35 PM
See OM's short note on ARMADA
CorporateSTOCK: PETRONM (3042)
Blog 18 Feb 2016, 12:25:11 PM
OM's new analyst joining our crew with his first article on Petron

This is a different article from the one below...
CorporateSTOCK: PETRONM (3042)
Blog 15 Feb 2016, 8:47:06 PM
We might be late with Petron's analysis but dont lose the chance to learn what we see before the run....

See it here...
CorporateSTOCK: SKPRES (7155)
Blog 13 Jan 2016, 8:54:32 PM
We like the electronics company Dyson...
We decided to leverage their growth on this stock

See our comment in the link below
CorporateSTOCK: CIMB (1023)
Blog 12 Jan 2016, 9:04:04 PM
O'Mighty commented on CIMB because we were quite pissed on what they put us through today...

See Link to know what happened
CorporateSTOCK: HEVEA (5095)
Blog 11 Jan 2016, 8:40:08 PM
See O'Mighty's recent comment on HEVEA where we did initiate a position.
CorporateSTOCK: VINVEST (0069)
Blog 05 Jan 2016, 9:25:25 PM
O'Mighty initiated a position on INSTACO

See Why Here
CorporateSTOCK: FIHB (8605)
Blog 14 Dec 2015, 1:31:17 PM
OM would keep an eye on this stock for its growth potential in times to come

Like our page for more!!!
CorporateSTOCK: KAREX (5247)
Blog 01 Dec 2015, 1:30:07 PM
Another cautious note on KAREX for O'Mighty
CorporateSTOCK: MAYBANK (1155)
Blog 27 Nov 2015, 2:14:26 PM
O'Mighty's comment on why MAYBANK is a good pick in the banking sector...
CorporateSTOCK: E&O (3417)
Blog 24 Nov 2015, 1:53:15 PM
O'Mighty gave E&O a trading buy...

See it here
CorporateSTOCK: RHBBANK (1066)
Blog 20 Nov 2015, 5:03:34 PM
O'Mighty had some trading ideas on RHBCAP

See it here

Like our page for more!!!
CorporateSTOCK: KIANJOO (3522)
Blog 19 Nov 2015, 1:44:54 PM
O'Mighty likes KIANJOO compared to its peers

Here's why...
CorporateSTOCK: DIALOG (7277)
Blog 18 Nov 2015, 1:44:46 PM
Dialog's earnings out.

See O'Mighty's link for our outlook!
CorporateSTOCK: YEELEE (5584)
Blog 18 Nov 2015, 1:43:19 PM
O'Mighty likes YEELEE!

Here is why
CorporateSTOCK: INARI (0166)
Blog 13 Nov 2015, 1:46:17 PM
Check out O'Mighty's comment on the bonus issue proposed....
CorporateSTOCK: YTLREIT (5109)
Blog 05 Nov 2015, 2:00:29 PM
One of O'Mighty's follower asked about REIT Valuations

Read our comments from
CorporateSTOCK: UOAREIT (5110)
Blog 05 Nov 2015, 2:00:21 PM
One of O'Mighty's follower asked about REIT Valuations

Read our comments from
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